Public Works/Street Department

Street Lights & Pot Holes

The City of Elko is dedicated to repairing all public streets and keeping all traffic signals operational. The City is working to the best of its capabilities to maintain its roads and street lights for the public.


Public Works
(775) 777-7241
(775) 777-7249 fax


What you can do to help.

How to report a pot hole:

If you are aware of a pot hole or broken street light/traffic signal please record its location and report it to the City of Elko at (775) 777-7241 or email to

If a Traffic Signal is not operating properly:

Please use caution when driving and be aware of all other drivers. You may report the problem to City of Elko at (775) 777-7241 or email to

What to do if your street light goes out or has continuous problems:

Please report the street light to: